Solution – Remove Nwgen Ransomware

Research on Nwgen Ransomware

Nwgen Ransomware is deemed as file and data encryption ransomware created by cyber criminal. It is used to blackmail the victims and earn ransom fees for its maker. It may enter PC via the attachments on the spam emails you opened. The attachment is always disguised as a very important file from the normal source, such as the bank or the center of credit cards. It aims to trick to download and open it. Once you were taken in, Nwgen Ransomware will immediately lock all your files.

Nwgen Ransomware
Nwgen Ransomware

Nwgen Ransomware could easily encrypt all type of files on infected PC, including Document files, Image files, Server Files, Audio files, Video files, Banking credentials, Backup files. All of them will be renamed with malicious extension, then you cannot ever open them without the description key. In this way, the hacker could easily get money from you. It will show you a ransom note about how to decrypt files. In this way, you should pay the ransom to rescue the hostages: files.

Do you think it will help you restore all your files? Not necessarily, many cases have proved that virus maker is not trustworthy, they just take victims’ money but never help them restore files. Therefore, never pay ransom fees to get decryptor from hacker. We believe that you should remove Nwgen Ransomware from your PC first. And then search for legitimate decryptor to save your files.

Research – How to Recover Files Encrypted by Nwgen Ransomware ?

You can get started to recover your files Only If You Have Confirmed The Safety of Your Infected PC!

If you back up data and documents regularly, you can restore all your files from the back-up. But, please Check Entire PC first to determine if Nwgen Ransomware and associated objects are still on your machine. DON’T transfer your back-up files to the infected PC unless you have confirmed that it is secure and clean. Otherwise the ransomware may also encrypt your back-up files.

If you do not have back-up files, the only safe way to recover files is to use professional data recover software. Also, before you use any data recover software, you must check your PC to confirm whether the environment is safe or not.

In short, No matter you recover files via back-up or Data Recover Software, please ensure that the environment and condition of your PC is 100% safe and clean. If you do not know how to diagnose your PC, we advise that you should use reliable and professional Anti-Malware Tool to scan entire PC and clean up all potential threats. It may save you hours and avoid all hidden risks.

Step 1 – Use SpyHunter to Scan entire PC and See If The Environment If Safe.

Step 2 – Recover your files via Data Recover Software or Back-up.

Step 1. Use SpyHunter to Scan entire PC and See If The Environment If Safe.

SpyHunter anti-malware is the best security tool for Windows OS. It is specialized in preventing all the latest virus & malware and removing threats hiding in a infected computer. We recommend downloading SpyHunter 5 To Scan Your PC:

Certifications & Independent Test Reports on SpyHunter 5


1. Download SpyHunter from its official website:

(The below link will open a new page from where you can download SpyHunter. Please come back to this page after you download it)

Download SpyHunter Anti-Malware Now

More information about SpyHunter, steps to uninstallEULAThreat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy

[Helpful Tips] – If you fail to download SpyHunter, it is possible that the download link is blocked by another anti-malware tool running on your PC. In such situation, please try to Turn Off the running anti-malware tool, and come back to this page to try the above download link again. If the download still fails, you can learn why you’re having issues downloading SpyHunter.

2. Double click the SpyHunter-Installer:

removal tool for Nwgen Ransomware

– When the “User Account Control” dialog appears, choose “Yes“.

3. Choose your preferable language and click the “OK” button to proceed the installation. Wait several minutes to complete the installation

4. Once the installation is completed, run SpyHunter and click Start Scan Now.

easily remove Nwgen Ransomware

5. When scan is completed, select all detected dangerous items and click Next:

quickly remove Nwgen Ransomware

6. If you want SpyHunter help you remove all detected threats and get the daily system protection from now on, you need to Register its full version. If the automatic removal does not help, you can get One-on-one customer support to fix your problem from computer experts.

quickly delete Nwgen Ransomware

Step 2 – Recover your files via Data Recover Software or Back-up.

If you do not have back-up files, you should try your luck on legitimate decryption software as many as possible. Here is a list of professional Decryptors, download them below if you want to try:

Note – This guide is only published to introduce a method that can most possibly decrypt files. We cannot promise that this guide and the recommended tools can 100% help you recover files. If we find a 100% proven method to restore files, we will update this guide!

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