Research – How to Remove STOP ransomware? (March 2019)

What is STOP ransomware ?

STOP ransomware

STOP ransomware is an infamous Ransomware infection. This malware encrypts computer users’ files and asks them to pay for the ransom. The most common method that infects your system with ransomware is spread by spam email attachments, free applications installation, peer-to-peer file sharing network. So, we always suggest to not downloading free applications and files from entrusted sites.

Variants of STOP ransomware

.Promorad2 Ransomware (.Promok Extension Virus, .promoz File virus)
.blower ransomware (.blower extension)
Djvu ransomware (“.djvu”, “.djvu*”, “.djvuu”, “.udjvu”, “.djvuq”, “.uudjvu”, “.djvus”, “.djuvt”, “.djvur”, and “.DJVUT” extensions)
Tfude ransomware (.tfude extension)
Rumba ransomware (.rumba extension)
Tro ransomware (“.tro” extension)
Pdff ransomware (.pdff extension)
.shadow ransomware (.shadow extension)
Puma ransomware (.puma extension)

STOP ransomware can corrupt all kinds of files, including audio and video files, pictures, documents, archives, and so on. In fact, it is most possibly that you will end up losing your personal files. As soon as the infection is fully executed, it starts encrypting your personal files. Then,your desktop background is replaced to display the ransom note window. You may be asked to pay a lot to exchange for decryption key. We highly recommend not to pay criminals because it is most likely that your money would be taken from you with nothing in return.

In conclusion, we highly recommended to get rid of STOP ransomware from your system ASAP. After that, you can search for legitimate decryption software to recover your files.

Research – How to Recover Files Encrypted by STOP ransomware?

You can get started to recover your files Only If You Have Eliminated All Dangerous Items Associated with STOP ransomware!

If you back up data and documents regularly, you can restore all your files from the back-up. But, please Check Entire PC first to determine if STOP ransomware and associated objects are still on your machine. DON’T transfer your back-up files to the infected PC unless you have confirmed that it is secure and clean. Otherwise the ransomware may also encrypt your back-up files.

If you do not have back-up files, the only safe way to recover files is to use professional data recover software. Also, before you use any data recover software, you must remove STOP ransomware and other malicious objects from infected PC.

In short, No matter you recover files via back-up or Data Recover Software, please ensure that the environment and condition of your PC is 100% safe and clean. If you do not know how to diagnose your PC, we advise that you should use reliable and professional Anti-Malware Tool to scan entire PC and clean up all potential threats. It may save you hours and avoid all hidden risks.

Step 1 – Scan entire PC and Remove all threats and block Ransomware’ activities.

Step 2 – Recover your files via Data Recover Software or Back-up.

Step 1. Scan entire PC to remove all threats and block Ransomware’ activities. (Important Step!)

SpyHunter anti-malware is the best security tool for Windows OS. It is specialized in preventing all the latest virus & malware and removing threats hiding in a infected computer. We recommend downloading SpyHunter 5 To Scan Your PC:

STOP ransomware removal tool

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1. Download SpyHunter Here:

Download SpyHunter Anti-Malware Now

( Learn more about SpyHunter and its key features. To understand SpyHunter’s policies and practices, please visit EULA, Threat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy. To uninstall SpyHunter, follow the steps to uninstall instructions. Please keep in mind that SpyHunter’s malware detection tool is free. Once it detects a virus or malware, you’ll need to purchase its full version to remove the threat.)

[Helpful Tips] – If you fail to download SpyHunter, it is possible that the download link is blocked by another anti-malware tool running on your PC. In such situation, please try to Turn Off the running anti-malware tool, and come back to this page to try the above download link again. If the download still fails, you can learn why you’re having issues downloading SpyHunter.

2. Double click the SpyHunter-Installer:

removal tool for STOP ransomware

– When the “User Account Control” dialog appears, choose “Yes“.

3. Choose your preferable language and click the “OK” button to proceed the installation. Wait several minutes to complete the installation

4. Once the installation is completed, run SpyHunter and click Start Scan Now.

easily remove STOP ransomware

5. When scan is completed, select all detected dangerous items and click Next:

quickly remove STOP ransomware

6. If you want SpyHunter to help you remove all detected threats once for all and get the daily system protection from now on, please consider to Register its full version. If the automatic removal does not help, you can get One-on-one customer support to fix your problem from computer experts.

quickly delete STOP ransomware

Step 2 – Recover your files via Data Recover Software or Back-up.

If you do not have back-up files, you should try your luck on legitimate decryption software as many as possible. Here is a list of professional Decryptors, download them below if you want to try:

If these data recover tools does not save back your files, don’t lose hope, the professional technicians of these anti-virus and anti-malware companies are working hard to develop the new decrytors, please wait for updates from them.