ObsessionScrip Removal Process (Mac Solution)


ObsessionScrip is a fairly typical adware virus. Using legal loopholes and deception, ObsessionScrip finds its way onto a system by tricking users into allowing ‘third-party software’ when they tick the EULA (user agreement) box after downloading new software.What the user doesn’t realize is that third-party software can mean anything from a harmless text file, to unwanted or even harmful programs such as ObsessionScrip .When people ignore the EULA and download new software, it’s very likely that they are opening themselves up to the possibility of also installing spyware, adware and keylogger viruses. These kinds of viruses are often found inside freeware programs, since the developers of the original programs are usually open to cash offers from hacker groups- and can legally sell out in order to allow the installation of extra, unwanted software as an attachment to the original program. It runs discreetly in the background and often spams the user with advertisements, as the name suggest. These ads can take the form of irritating popups, flashy banners or even sound and video clips- anything to obtain a valuable click from the user. Every time one of these ads is clicked or viewed, the hacker will make a small amount of money- this soon adds up if you consider the prevalence of this soft-ware. The darker side of ObsessionScrip is that it enables to hacker to later implement further viruses into the program, allowing them to access personal files and information for their own ends.
ObsessionScrip aims to run undetected for as long as possible- the ads will start out slowly and discreetly, slowly increasing in frequency and audacity in such a way that the user is almost desensitized to the activity of the virus- chalking the extra ads and clutter to industry trends and Operating System policies. However, the reality is that this virus can steadily leech onto your internet connection, as well as draining other system resources- creating revenue for the hackers, and a mild headache for the average user.If the user becomes tired of seeing so many ads, they may opt to install ad-blocking software- this should block most of the pop-ups and cut off the revenue stream for the hacker. However, the hacker may retaliate by installing further malware and getting a higher return on their investment. Some malware tactics employed by jilted hackers can include spyware, Trojan horses and keyloggers- the latter is able to record and forward any and all keystrokes made on the device, opening your personal and private information to the whims of the hacker. All in all, ObsessionScrip is needed to be eliminated ASAP.

How to remove ObsessionScrip From Mac OS?

(If have ObsessionScrip or other virus on Windows OS, Please Use Guide – How to Remove Virus & Malware From Windows OS. )

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Step 1: Uninstall ObsessionScrip Related Apps or unwanted apps From Mac.

  • Open the Finder
  • Go to the Application folder
  • Move unneeded applications to Trash
  • Enter your password if requested.

uninstall ObsessionScrip from mac

delete ObsessionScrip from mac

Important Note!

ObsessionScrip may re-infect your Mac multiple times if you do not remove its core files and related malware. To get rid of the virus forever, we recommend downloading Spyhunter Anti-malware to scan entire Mac and find out all malware:

Download SpyHunter Anti-malware To Scan Your Mac

(Free Remover allows you, subject to a 48-hour waiting period, one remediation and removal for results found. Read its EULAPrivacy Policy See more Free SpyHunter Remover details.)

Step 2. Remove ObsessionScrip Related Extension or unwanted Extensions from Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Mac.

Delete Safari Extension

  • Launch Safari
  • Click on the Safari menu and choose Preferences.
  • Select the Extensions pane
  • To delete an extension completely, click on it, then in the main window, choose Uninstall.

delete ObsessionScrip from safari

uninstall ObsessionScrip from safari

Delete Chrome Extension

Launch Chrome >> Click the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner >> Select the More Tools >> Click Extensions >> Determine the suspicious or unwanted extension, click on the Trash icon >> Click Remove

get rid of ObsessionScrip from mac chrome

delete ObsessionScrip from mac chrome

uninstall ObsessionScrip from mac chrome

Delete Firefox Extension

Launch Firefox >> Click the menu button from the browser’s right pane >> select Add-ons from the drop-down list >> Determine the suspicious or unwanted extension, click the Disable or Remove button.

uninstall ObsessionScrip from mac firefox

delete ObsessionScrip from mac firefox

Step 3. Download SpyHunter Anti-malware  to Diagnose Entire Mac. (Important!)

ObsessionScrip may not be the only virus harming your Mac. When such threat enters your Mac, it may bring in more infections. So we suggest you checking your entire system to see if there is any other infections. To do this quickly and easily, you can download Spyhunter Anti-malware, a top-rated Mac Anti-virus Tool which makes Mac protection easy and simple for every Mac user. It use advanced security features to protect your Mac from phishing scams, malware, spyware, adware, and viruses. When your Mac is equipped with Spyhunter Anti-malware, you not only get the safe online browsing and real-time protection, but also enjoy the full speed system performance . Follow instructions below to use Spyhunter for Mac if you’d like to try it:

1. Click on Download link below to get Spyhunter Anti-malware Now.

Download SpyHunter Anti-malware To Scan Your Mac

(Free Remover allows you, subject to a 48-hour waiting period, one remediation and removal for results found. Read its EULAPrivacy Policy See more Free SpyHunter Remover details.)

2. Click on “SpyHunter-Installer.dmg ” to install Spyhunter Anti-malware:


3. Once installed, run a scan to diagnose the security conditions of your Mac:

get rid of ObsessionScrip on Mac

4. If ObsessionScrip related malware and other threats are detected, SpyHunter will help you remove one threat for free. And you can let it get rid of all detected threats after you register its full version.

delete ObsessionScrip from mac